Bishop John Noonan and Fr. Bob Webster lend a hand with the construction of a new Youth Center at Blessed Sacrament, Clermont.


The Catholic Foundation is deeply thankful to all those who have given so generously to sustain and strengthen the work of our Church. Your efforts have blessed our entire diocese in many ways! Our parishes are growing their ministries, strengthening their schools, and expanding their capacity for outreach. At the larger diocesan level we are focusing on the education of our young people, the formation of our priests, and the care of our brothers and sisters in need.  

For updates on the many projects taking place throughout our diocese as a result of Alive in Christ, please visit our News & Stories page. There you can read articles from past issues of the Catholic Foundation’s e-newsletter, Sharing the Promise. You can also sign up to receive the newsletter monthly through your e-mail. 

About the Alive in Christ Campaign

The Diocese of Orlando has been blessed with extraordinary growth in recent years, providing new opportunities to continue Christ’s work in our world. As the beneficiaries of God’s great abundance, it is our responsibility to ensure that we have the facilities and resources needed to proclaim the gospel for years to come. 

Beginning in 2008, our Catholic family joined together to make that vision a reality through Alive in Christ, the first ever capital and endowment campaign for the Diocese of Orlando. With a total campaign goal of $150 million, Alive in Christ is designed to support the ongoing growth of the Catholic Church in Central Florida while helping individual parishes to move forward with their own important projects. By funding major initiatives at both the local and diocesan level, Alive in Christ is preparing our Church to meet the enormous challenges of the future. 

Our Diocesan Priorities

At the diocesan level, Alive in Christ offers a timely opportunity to build up our resources, revitalize our facilities, and expand our outreach. Our main priorities include: 

Tuition Assistance: 
Permanent endowments will provide a steady and secure source of ongoing tuition assistance for Catholic school children.

New Schools: 
Alive in Christ will support the fiscally responsible expansion of Catholic schools.

San Pedro Retreat Center: 
Visitors to San Pedro Retreat Center can now enjoy new dorm rooms, a dining hall and conference facilitates as a result of renovations funded through Alive in Christ

Cathedral of St. James: 
Proceeds from Alive in Christ provided partial funding for the historic renovation of our Mother Church.

Catholic Campus Ministry: 
Funds from Alive in Christ will assist Catholic Campus Ministry to enhance and nurture the spiritual life of students.

Recruiting & Forming Clergy & Lay Leaders: 
Endowed funding will enable the diocese to address the well-being of our priests and provide resources for the continuing education of clergy, staff, and lay leaders.

Catholic Charities of Central Florida: 
Capital and endowed funding will help Catholic Charities of Central Florida  to establish comprehensive centers of care and service throughout the diocese to assist those who are in need.

The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida, Inc: 
Endowed funding will enable the Catholic Foundation of Central Florida to address a variety of spiritual, educational, and social needs throughout the Diocese.

Parish Priorities

While the campaign will address many urgent needs throughout our diocese, the important needs of parishes remain the single largest priority for Alive in Christ. The majority of Alive in Christ funds raised at the parish level will be returned to the parish to support local projects, including new worship space, building renovations, school improvements, and debt reduction. As of October 31, 2012, approximately 60% of the parishes in the Diocese of Orlando have begun moving forward with their projects as a result of Alive in Christ.

How can I make a gift?

Online giving makes it easy to fulfill your Alive in Christ commitment by using your credit or debit card to make a payment on an existing pledge. Your gift will go to work right away and make an immediate difference in the lives of others.

Have a question about your pledge?

We are glad to help! Please contact our Gift Manager, Marco Robles, by email at  or by phone at (407) 246-7185.

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