Love Has No Language

A first person story written by Elizabeth Post, UCF student and member of Catholic Campus Ministry at UCF  

This past Spring Break instead of going to one of the local beaches and playing volleyball with a group of friends, I decided to go to Honduras for a mission trip with a few of my fellow CCMers (Catholic Campus Ministry-ers) at the University of Central Florida. The idea of going on this mission trip to Honduras really appealed to me because in the summer of 2014 I had traveled to the Dominican Republic on a mission with my home parish and taught English in impoverished schools. However, I knew that this mission trip was going to be different. I couldn’t exactly explain why but my heart knew that great things were going to be happening out there.

This mission trip to Honduras was an evangelization mission. Meaning that, we went out into the villages and shared the gospel. Every morning while in the villages, we would start our day with Morning Prayer, eat breakfast and then go door to door to read the gospel and share the love of God with the people in the area. We talked about our faith, shared our testimonies, and most importantly spent time praying with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

At first, sharing was the toughest part when visiting with the people of the village, especially with the language barrier that was between us. But what I quickly learned was that love has no language. Although I couldn’t always say what I wanted to say, I knew that I could love them with a simple smile, a touch of the hand, a loving look, and so many other small gestures. I found beauty in showing them that they are not only cared for, but that they matter to this world, and to me.

It is the greatest blessing to have been able to travel with this group of genuinely loving people to such a beautiful country filled with gentle and loving souls. God has left a lasting mark on my heart because of these people. It was an experience to generously give, love without limitations, and truly trust in Him with my whole heart. This world tells us to avoid the people who have nothing to give us, but Jesus invites us to see Him in the poor.

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