Seminarian Reflection: Alex Lambis

Journeying along the path of discernment has led me into unexpected places, from encountering the homeless in Colorado, to speaking about chastity in the streets of New York City. After these missionary endeavors, I finally made the leap to enter the seminary. I made that leap not out of emotional excitement but rather out of trust in the Lord and my love for Him. Spending hours with the Lord in prayer, I could not deny that He was calling me to further discern the priesthood. I abandoned my desire for a full time job, a nice apartment, and a car. I wanted comfort but knew that Jesus was calling me deeper along the rocky waters of trust. Throughout the course of my life I had experienced God’s love in so many ways, that my heart knew that it could never be satisfied apart from Him.

My first year at seminary was a time for adjustment. It was like a being a part of a different world. All of a sudden I was surrounded by 100+ new men who were also responding to the call of priesthood. My mind wrestled with subjects like philosophy, and the thought of my imperfections. However, I discovered that a great priest is not defined by his talents and qualifications. Rather, he recognizes his poverty and need for God. My struggles made me feel small and weak. This was the love of Christ reminding me of the call to be childlike and humble. My smallness magnified His greatness. Through the love and support of a great formation team, I see the hand of God molding me more into the image of His son.

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