Fr. Vilaire Phillus: His personal story

I grew up in a loving family that promoted and instilled Christian values, morals, and principles. I admired my parents’ marriage because it was rooted in faith, strengthened by prayer, and manifested by laughter and a sense of grandeur. In my early years I daydreamed about a variety of options: military service (I thought I would look good in a uniform); soccer coach (love the game!) or a CPA; and of course of a wife and children.

God had other plans for me. I was 11 when I had my initial thought of priesthood and as I matured my desire for the priesthood deepened. God’s strength took possession of me and as His love enveloped me I could no longer hide from His presence. As Jesus led me to His priesthood, my life was transformed and my relationship with the Lord developed into a personal friendship. It is a friendship that God invites everyone to enter into, to learn His ways and statutes and to do what is pleasing to Him.

As a priest I am filled with hope, joy, and contentment to live a life of service to God and His people. The core and mission of my priesthood is the celebration of the Sacraments, the pinnacle of which is praying the Liturgy. Pope Benedict wrote, “Only with the sacrament, the divine act that makes priests in communion with Christ, can we accomplish our mission.”

It is only through the WILL of the Trinity that Jesus’ Plan of Salvation can be carried out. Jesus mandates the preaching of the Gospel to every nation, calling humanity to gather as a family under the umbrella of God to hear God’s truth, the Good News, the Gospel of the Lord. As a priest for Christ, I live everyday in thanksgiving to be His servant; to celebrate Mass with reverence and awe; to forgive sins with compassion; to offer encouragement and support to those who endure trials; to love and care for His people; and to walk humbly with the Lord every day of my life.

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