Students receive "chilly" reception at Holy Redeemer

Students of Holy Redeemer Catholic School

Students returning to Holy Redeemer Catholic School in Kissimmee were greeted with a "chilly" reception on their first day of school.

And it came as a welcome relief.

While students were away during the summer, Holy Redeemer installed an upgraded air conditioning system in the parish school using funds raised through the parish's Alive in Christ Campaign. The previous system had faltered in recent years, increasing the school's utility costs while providing only partial cooling.

"The air conditioning system had not functioned properly for years, which means it cost more to cool the school," observed Brian Franz, Business Manager for Holy Redeemer.

Students aren't the only ones who are enthusiastic about the many changes taking place at Holy Redeemer as a result of Alive in Christ. Parents who drive their children to and from the school are discovering that the parking lot is now much easier -- and safer -- to navigate. The campus parking lot, which serves both the parish and school, was completely repaved over the summer, eliminating numerous potholes.

"You almost needed a tank to get through our parking lot," observed Franz. "We had potholes you could lose a car in."

Holy Redeemer participated in Wave Three of Alive in Christ and raised nearly $1.5 million for a variety of parish and school projects.

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