Reserve Funds

Reserve Funds

Specific. Temporary. Strategic.

Donors can establish temporarily restricted Reserve Funds (either 3-5 Year Reserve and 5 + Year Reserve) which allow dollars to be managed in socially responsible investments over a specific period of time and are subject to donor-directed restrictions. A Reserve Fund can be mutually beneficial for the donor and benefiting charity when the donor has a significant appreciated asset that they would like to donate, but they would like the contribution to continue to grow and be distributed over time to the charity chosen.

Key Benefits

  • Specificity: Reserve Funds allow you to designate to any Catholic organization, or leave unrestricted to serve the greatest need.
  • Temporary: The Catholic Foundation manages the fund and distributes income to the selected organization on the donor selected timeline (over 3-5 years or 5+ years.)
  • Advantageous: Avoid capital gains taxes on long-term, highly appreciated assets.
  • Catholicity: Invested in accordance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops guidelines for Socially Responsible Investments.

If you are interested in learning more about starting your own Donor Advised Fund, please submit this Donor Advised Fund Form (we will need an online form) or contact Madelyn Weed, CFRE, Vice President, Chief Donor Services Officer or call (407) 246-7188.