We are thankful for our priests, whose lives embody the essence of giving. From them we learn firsthand what it means to sacrifice, for they give their own lives as an offering to God, for our sake. From our baptism, to our first communion, to our final goodbyes, we entrust our souls into their hands. And with great love and tender care, they accept.

With the passing of time, there comes a point when we as a Church must care for the priests who first cared for us. The Diocese of Orlando currently provides for the needs of our retired priests, and many of our priests are nearing age 70, the age at which they become eligible for retirement. Because of the sacrifices they have willingly made, priests have limited personal resources and no spouses or children to provide for them as they age. And yet as Catholics we know that every priest is our father, every Catholic his child. In a spirit of love, we must care for our senior priests as we would care for our own families, for indeed they are family. Through your gifts, our diocese can ensure that these faithful men receive a comfortable and dignified retirement, with modest housing, basic living expenses, and access to medical care.

Gifts for Today:
•Use appreciated stock, bonds, or mutual funds to make an immediate gift.

Gifts for Tomorrow:
•Provide for our retired priests in your will.
•Donate a life insurance policy that you no longer need.
•Set up a charitable gift annuity and share your blessings while earning regular income.
•Name the Church as the beneficiary of your retirement assets, such as an IRA.

Gifts Forever:
Leave a legacy that touches eternity by including a gift for the Peregrini Pro Christo fund in your will. Through this unique fund, your gift will be evenly allocated among three permanent endowments that benefit our seminarians, Catholic students, and retired priests for all time.