Jesus is for us the supreme model of the good shepherd who guards His flock with a love so great that He is willing to lay down His life for even one sheep who is lost. In his role as a shepherd of God’s people, the Bishop of Orlando is called to serve as the living presence of Jesus Christ in Central Florida.

The Shepherd’s Fund is intended to provide the Bishop with a supplementary source of funds for addressing pressing needs, special projects, or extraordinary circumstances that are not covered by the diocesan budget and for which no other revenue source is available. As an unrestricted resource, The Shepherd’s Fund will give the Bishop the capacity to respond to emergency situations as they arise and the flexibility to embrace opportunities that might otherwise be lost.

We invite you to augment your support for Our Catholic Appeal by helping to seed this new fund through a minimum commitment of $1,000 annually for three years. Because the fund is not meant to cover the everyday work of our diocesan ministries, we hope you will make your gift to The Shepherd’s Fund in addition to your regular annual support for Our Catholic Appeal.