There are many ways build your charitable legacy in support of your Parish, School, and other ministries of the Diocese of Orlando. While all of these options yield abundant spiritual rewards for both you and the Church, some provide significant tax benefits for you as well.

  • Cash: Donate any amount online or mail a check with the fund name on the memo line. We accept all major credit cards online and over the phone.
  • Real Estate and Appreciate Securities: Transfer securities to The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida – after liquidation, we will deposit the funds to the Parish, School or Catholic Ministry of your choice. By donating appreciated securities you may receive an income tax deduction and also avoid capital gains tax. Most importantly, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your wise investment will become an investment in Catholic values.
  • Insurance Policies: Simply designate The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida or Parish, School , Catholic Ministry as the beneficiary and specify any restriction for the use (scholarships, financial aid, seminary fund, etc.)
  • IRA Rollover: Roll over all or a portion of your IRA’s required minimum distribution. If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make a gift of up to $100,000 to support your beloved parish or ministry. You will not pay taxes on any distributions made directly to The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida. Be sure to let us know the if the funds should be restricted for a specific Parish, School or Catholic Ministry.
  • Bequest/Estate Gift: Share the fruits of a lifetime through your will or other planned giving options. Designate The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida or any Diocesan Parish, School or Catholic Ministry as a beneficiary in your will and become a member of the Vivos Christi Society.

The Foundation also provides some unique charitable giving vehicles to help you maximize your giving to your favorite charities.

  • Endowment Funds: Families, parishioners, parishes and schools can establish Endowment Funds with The Catholic Foundation with a minimum contribution of $20,000. This donated amount forms the principal (corpus) which is permanently endowed to ensure long-term financial health and support our Catholic Community for years to come. Earnings from these funds are distributed annually. Our endowments reflect our donors’ values and are professionally managed to honor Catholic values. Join like-minded leaders who share your passion for supporting our Catholic community through endowment investing.
  • Reserve Funds: Families, parishioners, parishes and schools can establish temporarily restricted Reserve Funds (3-5 Year Reserve and 5 + Year Reserve) which allow dollars to be managed in socially responsible investments over a period of time and are subject to donor-directed restrictions.
  • NEW! Donor Advised Funds: A Donor Advised Fund serves as your personal charitable checking account, but instead of depositing money and writing checks, you contribute cash, appreciated stocks or assets (real estate or business interests) for which you receive an immediate tax deduction. Then, at any time, you can go online to your donor portal and recommend grants to your favorite charities. The fund is invested for growth in socially responsible investments which are compliant with our Catholic Values. The Catholic Foundation can also guide you in supporting organizations that align with your Catholic values by vetting qualified, non-profit charities and providing you with a list of hundreds of pre-approved organizations in need of support. The Catholic Foundation Donor Advised Funds can be set up with a minimum donation of $10,000. The fund will remain open as long if there is balance of $1. You and your family can add to the fund at any time.