Young Catholic Professionals Orlando
Young Catholic Professionals Orlando

A New Generation of Leaders

Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) is a national ministry founded in response to Pope Benedict’s challenge to foster “a new generation of Catholics.” Their  mission is to encourage young adults working in various professions to Work in Witness for Christ. The YCP Orlando Chapter in the Diocese of Orlando consists of young adults in their 20s and 30s, single and married, who are highly motivated to achieve personal and professional success while seeking a greater understanding of our Catholic faith.

Stirred by faith, YCP Orlando has joined The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida in a milestone partnership to share their time, treasure and talent to support Our Catholic Appeal (OCA). OCA is an annual opportunity for every member of our faith family to support the life-changing work and ministries of the Diocese of Orlando. OCA supports every Catholic parish, ministry and school in Central Florida. YCP Orlando members are strengthening our Diocese by sharing their time, resources and generational-knowledge with the Foundation, and through their gifts to OCA. We are grateful to this new generation of generous, lay Catholic leaders.

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What is Our Catholic Appeal? (41 seconds)
Why should I give to Our Catholic Appeal? (34 seconds)
How does my parish benefit from Our Catholic Appeal? (44 seconds)
How can I get involved with Our Catholic Appeal? (42 seconds)
Overview Video: Our Catholic Appeal 2019 - English (5:58)
Overview Spanish Video: Nuestro Llamado Católico 2019 - Español (6:29)

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